We live in an ever changing world with never ending breaking news. The information technology is in a competition to bring you the news updates. Here is a Malayalam online news portal called news truth that will bring you a change from the same old news stories and networks with highly qualified essays and news which are regularly updated, and are reliable.

Though there are alternative media which provides open platform for discussion and report, most of the medias neglect the indigenous and marginalized communities. But news truth outstands always to support the oppressed and the marginalized people and keeps a progressive approach towards the contemporary issues of the world.

News truth is one of the leading Multilingual(Malayalam & English) news portals since 2017 (https://www.newstruthlive.com). Its operations are being controlled and updated from cochi by highly talented youngsters with good technical background.

Millions use online portals as a media for information thus,news truth has achieved the task of reaching these millions of malayalees who are around the world. Moreover, News truth is also used as a platform for the leading business ads which are part of everyday life

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